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Spring Cleaning Service in the Lehigh Valley

Many residents in the Lehigh Valley thought that they were getting away with a mild winter, although Mother Nature had a few snowy surprises for those in Allentown, Bethlehem and Macungie. You may be snowed in as you read this, or you may have cabin fever. Now is the best time to plan your spring cleaning and home cleanout. This includes attic and basement cleaning, garage junk removal and hauling. You may be a do-it-yourselfer or you may be overwhelmed by the task. If your cleanout job is daunting, call D. Tinman Estate Services. We even do estate clean outs, cash buyouts and hauling.


Tips for Spring Cleaning

Get started. Many people talk about cleaning out a space and never get to it. Whether its procrastination or just deflecting the nagging of a spouse, the job needs to get started. Either call us or get cracking!

Select an area. There is only so much time in the day so select a modest area to begin. The cleanout job will probably take longer than expected. Sometimes spring cleaning requires work in several areas as misplaced items need to be removed from the area being cleaned and relocated to their appropriate home which also may require cleaning. For example, many families have accrued items in their garage. Inevitably, some items need to be put away in the attic, basement, closet or other location that also needs work. Select an area that can be cleaned up without impacted other areas and move on.

Sort items; organize, donate or discard. If you pull out an item that you forgot that you had or that you haven't used in over a year, it's a good rule of thumb that you can donate, recycle or pitch that item. Be realistic. If you find yourself holding an item and saying "someday I'll use this..." then get rid of it. If you are unsure, consult family, friend or neighbor for objective advice.

Clean. After you go through all your items and pull have them out, then sweep, vacuum, dust, and wipe down the area. Do what it takes to remove the dirt and debris.

Re-organize. Most people fall into the trap of repeating the same motions and activities time and time again. Re-evaluate where and how you store your items and think if there is a better way. Then put them back appropriately. Label shelves or bins and create a system of organization. Share your organization system with family to help you keep the space tidy.

If you are assisting a neighbor or family who is a hoarder, then we can help too. Here is a link to our hoarder services

Spring cleaning however big or small the project is a tough task. Commit to seeing the job through and completing the cleanout. This could include a quick call to D. Tinman Estate Services at 610.974.9836.