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How long does a clean out typically take?
All jobs vary but a standard residential job takes approximately 2 days depending on size.

How quickly can you get started?
Typically, once an agreement is made the services are initiated immediately.

Will you take everything?
Yes, with the exception of paints and hazardous chemicals which are restricted by law.

What do you do with the old items?
D. Tinman Estate Services has a good reputation with buyers of collectibles, antiques and other items encountered. What is not able to be sold is junked. Our trucks can carry between 30 and 50 cubic yards. 

What can I do to prepare for the property clean out?
Do not do anything, it is important that D. Tinman Estate Services see all the items and that they are not boxed up.

What to do before calling D. Tinman Estate Services ?
Get all quotes from competitors first. D. Tinman Estate Services likes to make an immediate offer and start clean out immediately.

What if I have things of value?
Items of value are taken into consideration.

How are things valued?
Items are valued on current fair market value.

What items do you handle?

Antiquities Sterling Silver
Jewelry and Watches  Vintage Toys
Antique Books  Cameras
Photography Equipment  Antique Furniture
Stoneware  Glassware